Bolivia Millerick (AUS)

Bolivia Millerick (AUS)

Bolivia won her first ever tournament just two years after she had started lawn bowling. After a very successful juniors career winning the singles

Which model(s)/ size of Taylor bowls do you enjoy playing with and why? Taylor SRV.Size3. I do enjoy playing with my Taylor Bowls. They have the perfect line for me in all shots to play.

What advise would you give to anyone who wants to succeed in sport:

 I hated every minute of training, but I said, Don't Quit. Suffer Now and live your life as a champion. Muhammad Ali

What country/region/ club/ team do you play for? .Australia- QLD- Gold Coast - Broadbeach Bulls- Broadbeach BowlsClub.

When and why did you start playing bowls? I started 13 years ago with my sister Cass Millerick,We were 10. It was our parents divorce, as week on week off with the parents. Mum wouldn't take us to sporting events and dad would. It was hard to get into a team. With bowls we found you could change the date. 
In the bowling world who do you most admire and why? I most admire 3 people. Karen Murphy. She has been my idol since I started bowls. I first saw Karen on tv before I wanted to bowl and the game she played was amazing hard and friendly. Lynsey Clarke. Lynsey is a fantastic role model to this game, I've had the opportunity to play with and against this lovely young lady. Many times before.

Major bowling achievements:

2011 Australian Under 18's Pairs Winner
2013 QLD State Ladies Fours Winners
2014 Australian World Juniors
2014 & 2015 QLD State Champs Triples Runner's Up
2013 & 2014 QLD State Champs Fours Winners
2013 Qld Open Team - Winners - WA
2013 Qld open team - Winners - ACT
2015 Qld Open team - Winners - NSW
2012 Qld Under 25's - Winners - NZ
2012 QLD State Junior Champs - Winners - Singles, Pairs & Triples
2011 Qld State Junior Champs - Runners Up - Fours & Pairs
2011 QLD State Junior Champs - Winner - Triples

2016 -> 2017
2014 Trans Tasman (i think)
2015 Asia Pacific Merdeka Mixed tournament
50 games played for QLD
2016 Broadbeach State Pennants Winners
2016 QLD State Champs Pairs Winner
2016 QLD State Champs Triples Winners
2016 Australian Sides Runner's Up
2016 Broadbeach Premier League Runner's Up
2016 Broadbeach Ladies Pairs - Winners
2017 Australian Sides Winners
2017 - Trans Tasman - Winners
2017 - Multi Nations - Winners 'Gold Team' Gold & Bronze medal


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