Every set of Taylor Bowls leaves the factory with a 15 year guarantee against manufacturing defects. Please note this guarantee will only be honoured if you can supply the original proof of purchase and does not cover 'wear and tear´ see below for
What can cause damage!

Every single Taylor Bowl is thoroughly tested to meet World Bowls (WB) regulations. Sets of Taylor Bowls are matched in weight to a tolerance well beyond the WB regulations.

CARE OF YOUR BOWLS:- Regular polishing with a wax or cream polish will help protect your bowls and preserve their finish. If you have to remove old wax or polish this should be done using a proprietary degreaser or steam cleaner, not an abrasive pad. Store or carry your bowls in a purpose made cushioned bag designed to protect them and prevent impact damage.
WHAT CAN CAUSE DAMAGE:- Take care against and be aware of the following:
Gravel or similar hard ditch fillings can cause bowls to scratch or heavily chip if they come into violent contact, as can concrete ditch walls or protruding nail heads on ditch walls or indoor carpets.
Artificial outdoor sand filled greens can cause heavy scratching and excessive wear, especially on the running surface of the bowl. Fertilisers and sand used on outdoor greens can be abrasive, causing surface scratches and removal of polish. This happens on all bowls but can be more noticeable on coloured sets.
Exposure to the elements will cause colour fading and rapid cooling/heating of bowls will “Thermal Shock” the bowls causing surface cracks. Never use or allow others to use sand paper, scouring pads or any form of abrasive material on your bowls as this could alter their bias. If chipping or scratch marks have to be removed this should be carried out by a WB licensed tester.
Placing and then removing of stickers over the painted rings can remove the paintwork underneath.