Zeljko Trbara (AUS)

Zeljko Trbara (AUS)

Zeljko comments on the Taylor Bowls organisation and product: "Professionalism, quality, consistency all guaranteed with Taylor Bowls. My personal choice of product for over ten years."


What country/region/club/team do you play for?
Australia/NSW/Northmead BC/ Top Grade (1s), Zone, Former State Rep
When and why did you start playing bowls? I started playing in 2003 at Merrylands Bowling Club through a Junior Program they designed to attract young players from schools.

Which model(s)/size of Taylor bowls do you enjoy playing with and why?
I enjoy my size 4 SR BOWLS.

Are there any particular stories/incidents you would like to tell us about that relate to your bowling?
Throughout my bowls journey and career i have been very fortunate to have had the opportunity to travel and meet a lot of new characters and long term friends. If anyone out there at any age is looking for a sport that helps interact and meet/experience new ventures in life I definitely recommend you take up bowls, and when you do commence make sure you use the best bowls on the market TAYLOR SR’s. :)

In the bowling world who do you most admire and why?
I admire my coach Bryce Stewart for his great success in the game at state and national level. But I also admire his commitment to teach and extend his
knowledge for the youth of the game, he is an extraordinary and very intelligent bowls coach.

Do you have a favourite – film, book, song, football team, actor, etc? It can be more than one if you like.
My favourite movie is Bad Boys, long story short I have watched it a hundred times and still enjoy watching.
Zelijko's major bowling achievements:- 

Former NSW Representative.
Former U25 Australian Silver Squad member.
NSW, VIC Premier League Player.
District/Zone Representative.
Numerous Club Singles titles. Numerous Zone singles titles.
NSW Open Singles Runner Up 2012
Australian Open Triples Runner Up 2013
Qld Open Fours Winners 2011
NSW Premier league Champions 2012, 2013

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