Rob Ashton (NZ)

Rob Ashton (NZ)

Rob Ashton was born in Manchester, England in 1952.He plays for Bowls Auckland, New Zealand and is a member of Bowls Auckland, Bowls Wellington and the Professional Bowls Association of New Zealand (PBA NZ).

Questions and Answers from Rob:

Which model(s)/size of Taylor bowls do you enjoy playing with and why?

Taylor Redlines, Size 5 - the reason I chose these bowls was for their versatility in shot play. I feel these are the best bowls for the numerous surfaces I play on with regards to speeds of the greens. Taylor bowls are the most reliable bowl for all round play. I continue to enjoy success with my Taylor Redlines.

When and why did you start playing bowls?

After completing a semi pro Football career and still being a competitive sportsman, I took up Crown Green bowls for several years while still in the UK then moved to New Zealand in 1989 and took up Lawn Bowls.

Are there any particular stories/incidents you would like to tell us about that relate to your bowling?

Being in the New Zealand squad, missing out on selection to play in the Trans-Tasman test against Australia and then ending up doing the commentary on TV.
That same season, two months later playing in Australia, hearing players say that had listened to the commentary of the Trans-Tasman Test and saying the commentator had the same accent as me and I explained to them it was me.

In the bowling world who do you most admire and why?

Peter Belliss and Rowan Brassey for winning the World Bowls Pairs title.

Do you have a favourite – film, book, song, football team, actor, etc?

Favourite film - Monty Python’s The Meaning of Life
Favourite football team - Manchester United
Favourite actors - Liam Neeson & Angelina Jolie

Major Bowling Achievements:

World Masters 2017 Men's Pairs

7 Bowls New Zealand Titles including a Silver Star (Latest Titles: 2016 Bowls New Zealand National Inter Centre and 2015 Bowls New Zealand National Pairs
3 New Zealand Open Titles (2014 Singles and 2014 and 2013 Pairs)

2 Professional Bowling Association Titles representing New Zealand in the UK (2015 World Indoor, 2014 Scottish Masters)

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