Lisa White (NZ)

Lisa White (NZ)

Lisa is from Wellington, New Zealand and she enjoys playing with her Taylor SRV's size 3. She comments: "because they draw well and when I run and drive they hold their line towards my target. She says SRV stands for "Simply, Relishing, Victories!".

Lisa is capped number 50 and was part of the New Zealand Black Jack's from 2012-2015.


2017 NZ National Fours (runner up)

2016 NZ Club Singles Winner

2016 Winner of Wellington Open Singles, Fours and Champion of Champion

2015 Winner of Wellington Open Singles

2014 Winner of Wellington Easter Open Pairs

2013 Winner of Wellington Open Triples and Champion of Champions Singles

2012 Winner of Wellington Open Fours

2012 Winner of six nations fours runner up World Bowls Triples

2011 Winner of Wellington Open Pairs and Champion of Champions Triples

2010 Winner of Wellington Champion of Champions Triples



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